Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hail Baja Day 2

Todays route featured a lot of quick sand tracks and plains, punctuated by some tricky dune sections. Overall, it's a lot fater than yesterday which is to our advantage in view of our cooling issues.

We're 19th to start and we're flying. We overtake the car ahead in the first couple of km, he's clearly over estimated his tyre pressures and gets caught out on the first soft bit. I'm running 18psi, having decided to err on the side of caution, and just hope the tyres will put up with the fast sections at that pressure. We overtake another car, and another - no sign of anyone coming at us from behind.

Temp problems still dog us, but they are manageable. Mabbsy catches us but doesn't really ever get away from us. We both pass the ailing Patrol of Bil Hili (car #1!) on a fast plain where we reach 150kph.

Suddenly the finish is in sight - 188km in 2hrs 48mins! A bonnet pin shears off within sight of the finish leaving the bonnet flapping - thank God it didn't happen before!

We're 8th on the day - another 8 mins faster asnd we'd have been 3rd. Sounds academic, but it would have been possible if we hadn't needed to slow down so often to cool the engine. Overall we're 15th, not bad considering what a crap first day we'd had, and Dave Mabbs is one place behind us.

We're happy with that!

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