Friday, April 5, 2013

Flying the Flag

Thursday morning it's time for a quick blat down to Abu Dhabi to complete all the documentation formalities, hand over a large wad of cash and pick up a rally GPS, the Iritrack satellite tracker and a bunch of stickers and paperwork.

By the time we're back, Richard has turned up in Sheila's Prado with the borrowed trailer on tow.  Although slightly delayed by the need to fit new tyres to the trailer, it is now a Mobile Workshop.  The trailer is straining under the weight of Richards tools, my tools, spares and...well....stuff.

GPS, Iritrack and stickers are added to the race car and by 5pm we're car 222.  And I'm knackered, and I think Richard is too.

Friday we do the neighbourhood a favour by taking the convoy to Yas for scrutineering, which proceeds without any serious hitches.  We've decided to take everything over to Rally HQ (support pits) , offload the race car, the Prado and the service trailer into their carpark, and bring back the road-going Patrol with the empty trailer.  Such a simple plan - what could possibly go wrong?

Well,  plenty, actually.  After dropping off the race car, I notice a pool of water under the other Patrol.  Further investigation reveals a hose to the header tank has been chewed up by a pulley, and Richard is immediately into mechanic mode..  While he does so I look under the Prado - and find another puddle.  This time its ATF, which means there's a leak in the power steering.  Bugger, and more bugger.

Another hose has chafed through.  I consider revisiting the Two Ronnies sketch ('Got any 'ose?') but decide against it.  Fortunately it turns out to be a low pressure line, and once again Richard disappears under the engine to sort it out.  Just as well he's brought his entire armoury of tools (and 'oses), because he's used most of them before the rally even starts.

Finally we're back in Dubai to load up the last few items onto the trailer, which Richard will take direct to the bivvy after the prologue is over.

Tomorrow, the final member of Team NewTrix, Fred Santiago, will join us as we head back once more to Yas for....The Prologue.  We can but hope that we've used up our quota of mechanical disasters already...

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Rick Carless said...

O no let's hope that's the last of the problems