Saturday, March 28, 2015

D-Day - Prologue!

Finally we're at Yas for the Super Special stage, which is being run around the north end of Yas Marina circuit.  Not that this is in any way representative of the terrain of the DC, but hey, it's the 25th anniversary of the event, so let's have some fun.

But before we get to that, have a look at the video Rick put together, featuring clips from the final round of the Emirates Desert Championship.

And so to the prologue.  What can I say? To the accompaniment of a great deal of tyre-squealing, we got round turn 7, up through the corkscrew, back through turns 5, 6 and 7, through the corkscrew again and that was pretty much it.   We ended up were 27th fastest, so pretty much as per our seeding.  Others were not so lucky - one car shed a tyre whilst negotiating the first turn, another spun on the first turn, and someone else put their Patrol into the wall, knackering a front drive shaft and shaving off some bodywork in the process.  (I'm sure their service team were thrilled about that.)  Thanks to Geraint Jones for these pix of the event.

But spare a though for the Powertec crew, whose Rage buggy got wiped out by a taxi on the way back from fuelling up at a nearby garage.  No injuries reported, but the buggy looks like a write-off.

For some reason the start order - apart from the top 10 - is as per the numerical listing, and not as per prologue placing, which has caused some unhappiness.  For us, it means that some slower vehicles are now ahead of us, and some faster vehicles are behind, which is not ideal.  Surely the purpose of the prologue is establish a rational start order?  Anyway, we've a 1051hrs start tomorrow and I'm off to bed.

Live tracking is available from - car number 229.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously you are too knackered to post your successful completion of the Desert Challenge, but congratulations!!

Eric the boat