Friday, February 17, 2012

Triumph at last!

No, I haven't bought a TR6, although that's not such a bad idea.

There have been several 'Solo Races' held up at Umm Al Quwain Motorplex, which are short-course off-road time trials - sort of mini-rallies. A course of about 11km is run three times, and the best overall time wins.

Saluki Motorsport had just returned the Beast to, having done a very neat and permanent job of replacing the spider which holds the thrust bearing, They also re-fitted the P/S pump and found a broken front spring to replace, which explains why it was a bit lop-sided at Qatar. So I thought I'd give it a good shakedown by participating in today's Solo Race.

There were 4 vehicles in the buggy class - including Mark Powell - and another 7 in the 4x4 class. There were several V8 Patrols of one sort or another, one with a Land Cruiser 4.7L and another with a 4L out of a Lexus. The course was a tight,twisty track with a lot of bumps and drop-offs - not really my sort of course at all.

I went round the first time in 9 mins 47 secs, Mark was way quicker at 8.39, so no surprise there. One driver manages to pitch-pole his diesel Land Cruiser onto its roof, which rather delays the proceedings. The second time round I was again 9.47, which I assumed was either a coincidence or a mistake (probably the latter.) Third time round and again I managed to make a completely different set of mistakes from the first two rounds, but still finished in 9.47. (Mark unfortunately blew his clutch on that lap.)

So as I'm loading the car back on the trailer, the organisers call me over to tell me I've won the 4x4 class! I thought they were kidding, but no, I'm up for a photo with the big trophy!

First time I've ever won anything. Since both my (absent) spanner-men, Mr Carless and Mr Bailey are named Richard, it would be correct to say that I'm as happy as a dog with two Dicks.

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