Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Prologue

(insert random Frankie Howerd reference here...)
Today has been overcast, and considerably cooler than most of last week. The team decamped from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for Drivers Briefing at Yas, followed by the prologue opposite Marina Mall. Only 30 cars made the start list as result of 6 being stuck on the Jordan/Israel border en route here, and other pre-start retirements. Several vehicles have been relegated to 'national class' after failing scrutineering.

The track was similar to last years, but clockwise (last year's was anticlockwise) and with a water splash near the start and lots of hairpin bends. Some I nailed quite well, but most were pretty scruffy. Not however, as scruffy as the current championship leaders, Messrs Vasilyev and Yevtyekhov, who - as is traditional with the G-Force team - rolled their pickup. As seeded drivers, they will start ahead of us notwithstanding the ignominy of their DNF in the prologue .

We were 14th fastest in 2 mins 11.7 secs, a,nd start 15th at 1043hrs tomorrow. Team Saluki are right behind us and Team FJ start 22nd.

Somewhere in Cyberspace lurks The Phantom Blogger, so this evening I hand over the cyber-baton to this shadowy figure. We, however, have work to do. As Sherlock Holmes would say, 'The game is afoot!'

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