Friday, May 9, 2014

Gimme Steam!

We're off to Spain next week, and the fabrication work on the Beast's exterior should be finished while we're away. Saluki are waiting on the fibreglass wings to fabricate the tubular front framework. Once that's done, it can go into paint at Nanjgel, but we wanted it steam-cleaned first.

Should you ever need it, I can recommend 'Wheel 2 Wheel Service Station'. They are tucked away near the Eppco at the SZR end of Umm Suquem Rd. Despite from being somewhat nonplussed by the fact that it was only half a car (no discount for that), and it was staying on the trailer, they ripped into it with some high pressure steam. The Beast is now a gunge-free zone.
Meanwhile the engine is almost ready. We had a nervous moment when Trinity, the machine shop who are re-boring the cylinders and regrinding the crank, discovered a problem with the reluctor wheel. This is the disc from which the crank position is sensed, and should be pressed onto the crankshaft. For reasons unknown, it was welded on - not good, as the balance of the crank is critical. Worse, it was misaligned and rubbing on the block! So this had to be carefully un-welded, and a new one installed correctly.

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