Monday, May 5, 2014

Guess-the-weight Sweepstake

The guys up at Saluki Motorsport have found the angle-grinder again and given my front end a good seeing-to. Frankly, it was a mess. The inner wings had been reinforced earlier (by another garage) and their workmanship was, let us say, less than exemplary. So everything forward of the 'A' pillar is now history. This leaves a clear playing-field for fabrication of the tubular structure which will support the new fibreglass front wings. These are being moulded from my existing wings, at should be arriving later this week along with a funky fibreglass bonnet.

The dashboard has also left the building, along with a few hundredweight of miscellaneous wiring, in preparation for a new aluminium dash, which will be tastefully finished in matt-black powder-coat, for a stealthy, minimalist look. (At least, I think that's what Mark said.)

So how much weight have we actually shed? We started at 2550kg, and our minimum allowable weight is 2050kg. The two rearmost doors weighed almost 40kg. These were not included in the 2550kg figure, which did include 2 spare wheels and a quarter of a tank of fuel. (And an engine, currently on holiday with Al Numairy.)

So let's have a 'guess the weight' sweepstake. When it's finished we're going to weigh it again in full race trim, and whoever gets closest to the final figure gets a passenger ride. Sound like fun? So get guessing!


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Eric ~ friend of Grumpygoat ~ give him the ride if (when) I win.

Richard B said...

2151 kg