Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time for Plan B

Plan A was to get the engine sorted, change the back end to a pickup and get the Beast ready for the next rally (9-10th May).  Then maybe do the rest of the work (fiberglass front end, rewire, new dashboard) over the summer. 
The cab back panel is in, and a polycarbonate window will go above it.  The rear wings have been cut to size and the brackets to attach them are in progress.  We’re rapidly reaching the point where only the detail work to fit ancilliaries like the jack, sandladders, compressor, air tank etc. remains. 
New tyre rack and suspension turret
However – we have now moved to Plan B.  Mark has convinced me that it makes sense to complete the job by doing the front end while the engine is out.  That means  stripping out all the wiring and ancillaries from under the bonnet, and the dashboard.  Then the front bodywork will go, to be replaced by a tubular structure to support new fiberglass wings, while a new fibreglass  dashboard will complete the interior.  Once that is done, it will visit Nanjgel for a complete inside (white) and outside (Fiji Blue) respray.   Then it’s back to Saluki Motorsports for re-wiring and engine installation.
All this means that we won’t have the Beast back for the May 9-10th event.  But when we do finally get it back – it will be like a new vehicle!  Then we'll see how close we are to our 2050kg target weight.

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