Thursday, April 3, 2014

Documentation Day

Quick blat down to Rally HQ at Yas Marina to pay for the entry, pick up the GPS, Sentinel, stickers, goodies and and all the rest. Then into Dubai to pick up a couple of parts while the technical team worked on the car.

The engine mounts were completely shot. And the reason the car was pulling to the right was that the left-hand front brake pipe was crushed flat, so no fluid was reaching the left front brake. So with that, a bit of electrical work, and fitting the GPS and Sentinel, Richard and Rick have been pretty busy. Me? I just did all the cosmetic stuff, applying the rally stickers and the sponsors vinyl die-cuts. Bit of eye-liner here, a bit of flower-arranging there - you know how it is.

Anyway - it's as done as it's going to be, so let's see what the scrutineers think of our efforts. All will be revealed tomorrow. Which is when Kate, the final member of the Newtrix Team arrives from the UK.

Spy-shot from the Newtrix Technical Centre 

Funky new Key Technology logo!

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