Saturday, April 5, 2014

Let me be Phrank

Avast there sandlubbers, 'tis I, Phrankenblogger. Yes, it's your worst nightmare come true, except possibly that one about the Nolan Sisters. The Phrankenblogger is just like Phantom Blogger but with a bolt through his neck (I blame Bernie) and a strange desire to sing 'Putting on the Ritz".

I'm just checking in to see all systems are working fine, then Ian will be back in a tick to update you on the state of his Prologue. Well at his age you have to check regularly. And that makes his eyes water I can tell you!

But to keep you good folks of Newtrix Land happy as spring daisies, in this Winter Olympic year, here's a picture of the 2014 team. Of course there should be five of them but unfortunately Richard Bailey's ring didn't open. So we spoke to the CMO and he's advised plenty of rest, All Bran and prune juice.

I'll be back tomorrow, by which time Richard should be in full flush.

Ersatz von Phrankenblogger - be gone! It is I, The Dog, the genuine blogger (refuse all imitations), bringing you a live update from Room 663 at the Centro Hotel in Yas. The four of us have showered (not all together, of course), dined (yes, we did that bit together) and Richard (the Fifth) is already in residence at Camp Newtrix, Liwa. Sheila is now doing battle with several pages of amendments to the road book, Rick and Kate have hit the bar, and the results are online at

But to save you the trouble of following that link, I can tell you that Newtrix Racing have risen from a lowly 25th seeding to the dizzy height of 21st overall! (And if that doesn't make a mockery of the seeding, then my name's not Angus MacTavish.) Only two of our fellow UAE drivers are ahead of us - Yahya Al Helei (310) is 19th, and Nabil Al Shamsi (315) is 16th. Winner of the prologue was Nani Roma (302) in a Mini, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer chap.

So we need to be out of here by 0800hrs tomorrow, to arrive in the pre-start park by 0930hrs, for a stage start time of 1039hrs. So get on line at the aforementioned ADDC website, to follow live tracking of 326 - Newtrix Racing!

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