Monday, April 7, 2014

It was all going so well....

The Dog's two Dicks, Bailey and Carless, worked like dogs last night, at one point losing their bearings, but that was OK because those bearings were worn out anyway, replacing them with the bearings from the pulley delivered by UPS (Unscheduled Phantom Sortie) to Kate Adie (she says she's Kate Steadman but I've seen her on the telly, I know she's Kate Adie).

Kate and I met in the middle of the desert last night at a truck stop next to a giant pyramid, a Series 3 Land Rover that's big enough to have a restaurant inside, and the world's largest globe on a trailer. No, I know it makes no sense but this is the UAE. Look up "Rainbow Sheikh Museum" and you'll see that for once, my nonsense happens to be the truth!

I gave Kate my pulley (fnarr, fnaar) and she gave me a can of Diet Coke and the rest, they say, is histrionics. Rick sent me a rude message saying I didn't know my pulleys from my elbow, but he used the bearings anyway so ner ner ner ner ner Rick.

This morning Ian and Sheila were going great guns, with no stucks and no delays - so something was BOUND to go wrong!

And it did - right now we are trying to recover the car from desert where it is resting on its roof, after a roll. Not a cheese roll, a sand roll. Ian and Sheila are OK though. More info when I have it....

UPDATE at 2am....

No, I have no idea why he was only wearing a T shirt when it was clearly snowing

The battery's flat. So's the roof.

Clean your windscreen Sir?

Well I'm just home after driving down to the bivouac and back, to deliver a large sheet of plexiglass by DHL (Dubai, Hellishlyfast, Liwa) in the hopes that it could be used as a temporary windscreen but..... having seen the damage to the car, it's going to need a lot more than a temporary windscreen fitted tonight.

As I left at around 10.45pm an FIA inspector was coming over to look at the damage. At this stage I don't know if Ian and Sheila can continue to race. If the inspectors deem the car unsafe, they will not be allowed to do so. More news when I have it.


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